Banyumas Unique Roleplay “BEGALAN”

Have you ever heard about Begalan?? This time,I will report this culture attraction called Begalan in my sister’s wedding 5 years ago(September 3rd 2011). When the people heard about Begalan, people in Banyumas will come to watch the attraction, besides the people also give some role in this activity. Begalan only be done in a Banyumas wedding ceremony, so you will not find any in another area. This attraction held to remind Banyumas People to the history of Banyumas people and the main goal is to give advises to new married couple.

Why did we hold Begalan in my sister’s wedding ceremony? The answer is simple, because the terms, it says that when the first son or daughter marry with another first son or daughter we have to held Begalan, the second terms is the last son or daughter marry with another last.

Begalan consists of two role players, one of them is the representative of the groom, and the last one is from the bride’s representative. I’ll show you the pictures of the representatives from each families, and I wrote the caption on the pictures. i really sorry, because the pictures are not clear enough, I capture it from my video, because I forgot where did I put the pictures.(hehe)


His name is Mr. Salim, he is the representative of the bride


His name is Mr. Nurrochim, he is the representative of the groom

This attraction spent for about 40 minutes, but don’t worry, it didn’t make you bored. One of the player(the representative from the man) brings some things that we call uborampe. All the things that he brings have meaning for advising the new married couple. Of course, there were some conversations between the representatives. After the representative from the man finishes explaining, then come to the next ritual, they will pray for the sake of the new married couple, after that they go out and the representative from the man brings the uborampe and both of the representatives dance the traditional dance and finished it by pulling to each other and let the uborampe seized by the local people who watch the attraction. This is the end of Begalan.

Thank you very much for reading this article, hope you will interest to this culture and visit my city Banyumas. Please leave comments and suggestions ^^