One in a Harmony

20160522_142157Purwokerto, Sunday, May 22, 2016

There was a meeting of two organizations; they were E-ploration and Huasan at 1 pm at c105 in Humanities Faculty. Those two organizations are in Humanities Faculty Jenderal Soedirman University Purwokerto. To welcome new students of English diploma program and mandarin, they agreed to make one event together and in that event there will be no E-ploration and Huasan, but all in one unity become the event committee. This meeting was attended by almost all of the members of both organizations.

Before they met in that meeting, those groups had discussed the candidate who will become the chief on that event. Without wasting the time, the started to vote between the two candidates, they were Wiwit Winarsih from E-Ploration, and Caesar Amalia Rahmah from Huasan. Before the discussion members started the voting, those two candidates went out from the room. The discussion members was so enthusiastic and the air was so cheerful.


It didn’t take a long time, only in 2 minutes, without any protest from the discussion members, the forum decided Wiwit Winarsih to become the chief of the committee for the event. After deciding the chief, then the Chief and the vice chose 4 people to become the secretary and the treasurer. After that the chief closed the meeting and had a small meeting with her division.