Benti Nurmawah (Biography)


Benti Nurmawah, she was born on january 05, 1987 in Banyumas. Now she lives in Sokaraja, Banyumas Regency. She has one daughter named Allysa Bilqist Desouza(4 years old). She established a restaurant in Tambak Sogra, Sumbang. She was graduated from SMK Negeri 3 Prwokerto, Food Department. She took pastry specialist in her vocational high school. But, after she graduated from the school, she decided to go abroad in 2003 .

She forced to go abroad, firstly her parents didn’t agree to let her go, moreover she told her parent her decision was too late. In the ‘H’ day her departure to go Malaysia, she had just told her parents, so the parents couldn’t do anything but let her go.Finally, Mrs. Benti go to Malaysia for two years long. She worked in a fashion industry, actually, it was not suitable to her.

Then, in 2005 she came back to Indonesia, someday she heard something in a radio about a course that can hep the student to work abroad in cruise, she interested to it, then she asked to her parents about studying there. And then, she studied there for a year, and she got the job training in international Hotel such as Hyatt Yogyakarta as the cook. After graduated, she worked in Four Season Hotel in 2007 in the same position in the kitchen. After that she moved to Wild Cat Restaurant, this restaurant belongs to Julia Perez.

She had so many experience in working in international hotels, so then she decided to reach her dreams to travel around the world. So she apply for a job in a big cruise company Carnival Cruise Line in US. To get this job was not easy, she had to pass some tests, fortunately she could pass and then she go to US.

She had been in many countries in America such as Mexico, Los Angles, Washington D.C, Texas, Hawaii, and many others. She worked in the cruise line for 3 years, and in the second year, she ever had a award. the award was to appreciate her work in serving 30 banana splits in a minutes, amazing. Then in the same month, she became the candidate of the best employee. At that time, all the candidates were from Indonesia, they were 2 candidates, Mrs. Benti and another worker come from Bali.

She told me how she could reach it, the principle is only we have to focus on our dreams, when you focus in one goal, so you will do your best to reach it, and don’t give up easily, and believe that you can reach your dreams.



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