Book Review “The Story of King Arthur and His Knights


Title            : The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Author       : Tania Zamorsky

Illustrator  : Dan Andreasen

Publisher   : Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Year            :2006

Total Page : 151 pages

The story of King Arthur and His Knights retold from the Howard Pyle original written by Tania Zamorsky tells the story about the greatest king in Britain King Arthur. In this book there are two stories, the first one is retold the story in The Book of King Arthur, and the second is The Book of Three Worthies. In The Book of King Arthur, there are three parts. In part one, there are 2 chapters same as in chapter two, and the last part has three chapters. As the name,The Book of Three Worthies has three part which describes one by one the three worthies. In part one there are two chapters, then in part two there are three chapters and the last chapter has two chapters. The interesting one in this book is, this book has discussion page, it is my first time found this in a book especially for classic book.

In the beginning of The Book of King Arthur there is a prologue that tells us about the story before King Arthur was born, it tells the story of Uther Pendragon who is Arthur’s father. Someday, Merlin the Wise told the King that he will die soon, and a big problem will come to his kingdom, to prevent the chaos, Merlin give advice to the King Pendragon to hide his son because Merlin afraid Arthur will be in great danger . then Merlin and Ulfius take the baby to the safe place, and ask the person who will rise the baby to give the baby name Arthur.

As Merlin said, the King died and there was a confusion in the kingdom, it last for 18 years. Then the archbishop called Merlin to ask about the kingdom’s future. Then Merlin answered someone will come the new king shall be Uther-Pendragon’s own flesh and blood that wiser and greater than the earlier King(Uther-Pendragon). Then Merlin waved his hand and then appeared huge marble stone, and in the second wave appeared an anvil of solid steel upon the block of marble. The sword was bright and shiny and has many precious stones, in the sword were carved following words in letters of gold: WHOEVER SHALL PULL THIS SWORD OUT FROM THE ANVIL SHALL BE THE KING OF BRITAIN.

Afterwards, in the part one the story how Arthur finally could win the kingdom, how he proved himself that he could pull the sword out from the anvil. No one thought that an ordinary looked young man could pull it out. In the second chapter some people still hesitated Arthur, then they gave him some challenge, of course Arthur could pass from the challenge, and Arthur officially became The Britain’s king.


Next part, the winning of a sword, it is the story when Arthur got the Excalibur. he was fearless, so that the goddess who protect the sword gave him way to reach the Excalibur in the center of the lake. Actually, no one can come back alive if passing the lake, but it was different to Arthur, he could reach the sword by the boat that given by Nymue. The Excalibur could protect the user in a war, if someone uses this sword the person will never injured in a war. The Excalibur not only a sword but also it has case, it case which could protect the sword user.

The last part from The Book of King Arthur tells the love story of Arthur. Arthur fell in love with Lady Guinevere. But, I think the way he proposed Lady Guinevere was not romantic, hahaha. It is just too ordinary for someone like Arthur, or it is because the writer just retold the main story of the story from the book, so i can’t feel the drama. King Arthur and The Lady Guinevere merried on a beautiful fall day in a ceremony of great splendor.

Go to the next story in The Book of Three Worthies, the worthies of King Arthur. They were very excellent, they are Merlin the Wise, Sir Pelias and Sir Gawaine. In part one it tells the story of Merlin. Poor Merlin he was tricked by Morgana le Fay (Arthur’s sister) by sending Vivien. One day, Vivien brought Merlin a delicious meal which has powerful sleeping potion, he believed her, but he was tricked! Actually, Merlin had feeling that Arthur will face big danger, and he wanted her to save Arthur, but she never did. When Merlin fell a sleep, she placed him into a large heavy box and partially buried it and covered it with a magical mist. In this story, Arthur’s Excalibur was stolen by Morgana le Fay, and she duplicated it, and gave Arthur the fake one. When he fight with Sir Accalon, he finally realized that his Excalibur was the fake one, and he got injured and bleeding, fortunately, Arthur could take his Excalibur back, and he won the fight.


The next part tells the story of Sir Pellias, but honestly, I couldn’t get the story of him, I didn’t find clue about who Sir Pellias was. The story is about the Sir Pellias’ adventure and how he won the prize from the chief Lady of the Lake and he was given a neck that whoever wore it would be beloved by everyone who looked upon him.

Then the last is the story of Sir Gawaine, it tells about Sir Gwaine who married with old and ugly woman who met with Arthur when he was challenged by an old knight. The old woman told Arthur the truth about the old knight, why he always won the challenge and his head came back after falling, Arthur so thankful to the old woman, so that he accepted her willing that was she wanted to get married with on of the knight in Arthur’s court, then she chose Sir Gwaine. Sir Gwaine accepted and married her as he promised, when the night came, the old woman changed into very beautiful woman, she became looked old and awful because someone spelt magical spell, now she behalf free because Sir Gwaine’s married her.

That’s all the story from the book, i think the writer of the book retold the story too short, so that some characters in the story were not described well so, it makes the reader confuse and get bored to continue the story. I really love the love story of Arthur with The Lady Guinevere and the story of Sir Gwaine. So I rate this book 8 from 10 points, I think it is good enough because the book has discussion page, and it is uniqe enough.

Thankyou for reading my book review, please leave a comment to improve my writing skill

See ya! ^^



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