Saiko Onna (aka. Psycho Girl)

This day Arina, Joshua, Angie, Cecil, Alf and Rye went for camping in a desolate mountain in district 4. For the truth, they didn’t know anything about the mountain and its story.

At 3 am they arrived there, and soon they built up the tent. They shared the task for everyone, Joshua and Rye for the tent, Angie, Cecil and Arina prepared the food. The mountain was so quite, they could hear the river and the bird songs. Only trees around them and the weather were good with the refreshing wind. Arina was collecting trees branch for cooking later and Cecil helped her too. They entered the forest and collected it. Then, Arina found and old rope, without thinking she took it and used it to tie the trees branch. When they almost reach the camping area, Arina felt like someone was watching her, for a second she felt a little bit afraid.

At dawn, they went to the river and have a bath there. They enjoyed the atmosphere very much. The river was so clear and it had beautiful waterfall. They took some pictures here. and again Arina felt there is somebody watching them, she observed the surrounding area, but she didn’t find anything.

“What are you looking for Arina?”, Anggie suddenly asked.

“Eh? Ah nope, I just love the scenery here”, she replied.

“Hmmm you look suspicious Arina”, Rye said.

“No, really, it was nothing”, she replied.

“What with this atmosphere guys, let’s have fun and enjoy the water”, Joshua said.

Suddenly, Arina heard someone crying, but no one realized, so she just kept it herself. She thought that it was her imagination. Then everyone came back to the tent and made a campfire.

“Let’s make a dinner girls”, Cecil said, Arina and Glory agree. After 30 minutes, the dinner was ready to be eaten. They sat around the campfire; Arina and Joshua sat closely, of course because they were a couple, on the other side there are Glory Cecil and Rye.

When they were enjoying the dinner, Arina heard the mysterious voice from afar. For a second it frightened her, she tried to ignore it, but the voice came closer, closer, and closer. Joshua noticed there was something weird with her lovey-dovey. But it seemed like Arina was drowning on her fright. When Joshua almost touched Arina, she screamed out loud, everybody startled. Arina covered her ears with her hands, Joshua hugged her, and everybody came closer to Arina.

“Arina, what happened?!”, they said. Arina couldn’t hear their voice, she only heard a girl say “I’ll kill you” many times, the voice seemed real and when she tried to wake from her fright, when she opened her eyes, she saw a body hanging on the tree!

“OMG! A body! I saw a body hanging over there! Josh let’s go home, please everyone let’s go home now!”, Arina said.

“What? Hahaha are you kidding me? it’s too late arin, I think you’ve got fever and u hallucinated, why don’t you sleep and we’ll back tomorrow morning” rye said.

“No! I can’t wait for tomorrow”, she replied

“Arin, common, don’t be selfish, and tell us what happened to you, why are u so panic?”, josh wanted a clarify.

“Why did u say such a thing like that josh, I scare, there is something here, I heard voices, it said that they will kill me, not once but many times, I feel frightened.”

“Okay everybody, I think it would be best if we sleep right now. Cecil said

“We will sleep in one tent, I think it is enough for us”, Joshua said.

“I can’t agree more josh”, Rye replied.


“I remember something guys”, Angie said, then she continued, “Previously, before we entered this camping site, I saw some villagers, and they face was so frightened, and I also heard one of them said ‘God save them, don’t let her…’ I forget the rest, and I’m sorry for not telling you this.”

“So did they mean that this camping site is haunted? It must be kidding, ghost or whatever is just an imagination guys”, Rye said.

“Okay everybody please stop talking, Arina needs resting”, Cecil said angrily, and then they went to the tent.

Suddenly there was a wind but it was strange, and they found that Angie disappeared from the sight! They were panic; they went out from the tent and they called her name, but no answer.

“Angie please stops joking! Where are you! Or I’ll get angry!!” Rye said and his voice was trembling.

They decided to look for Angie in surrounding area. They divided into two groups, Rye and Cecil, Joshua and Arina. After looking for Angie in an hour, they found nothing, so they decided to come back. But they were shocked by a death body in front of the tent. The body was full of blood, and the head was almost separated, and there was an old rope on her neck. The rope was seems familiar for Arina, then she cried, all of them cried and shouted Angie’s name. Her sudden death was a great shocked for them.

A voice came out of nowhere, it was so noisy, like something fall down from height, it sounds “bruk!”. And they automatically turned back and Arina Screamed loudly. She was very shocked that it was Cecil, her body shattered like something had lacerated her body, her brain came out from her head, and the bones are broken, so awful.

“Why didn’t you agree to leave this forest? Look! Our friends died in a second, if we went out from this forest they would not die!” Arina said, no one replied.

All of a sudden, Arina pushed Rye into a campfire, Joshua didn’t notice, but he immediately tried to help Rye from the fire, but he couldn’t, in a sudden the fire became bigger. As the result, Rye died and his body changed into ashes.

Joshua stupefied, he sat and he looked pale. Arina hugged him and cried on his back. Both of them were drowning on their mind. Joshua looked thinking about something. He reassembled all the things happened on that day. Then he felt frightened and stared at his beloved Arina. Arina smiled to Joshua, then said, “It’s too late dear” she kissed her boyfriend like nothing had happened. It makes Joshua sure that Arina was the one who killed Angie, Cecil and Rye.

While Joshua was thinking about what he would do, Arina hugged him tight and he didn’t aware that Arina was trying to kill him. She stabbed Joshua with a knife on his back, and did it many times, Joshua lost much blood, in that condition, Joshua was trying to hug Arina and calmed her down, and he whispered “I Love You”. Arina replied,”I Love You Too Darling, don’t worry, we’ll be together forever, you’re mine, and I’m yours”, then she kissed him and she showed him, her satisfied smile.

written by: Rizky Putri Sari (19/04/2016)

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