I Found YOU There!


I had been waiting for this for such a long time ago! After skipping for so many events in past month, we (me and Beben;my friend) finally decided to go, and yeah we did it.

A day before, I was really busy with the haunted house which my organization made as the series of E-Ploration’s 5th anniversary. Because of that, I got home very late, it was 11.30 pm. I was afraid that I could make on time for the trip. On the ‘H’ day; 3 April 2016, fortunately I woke up early yeah. My friend Beben, picked me up at 7.30 am, then we waited for another friend in Kalibagor, we waited for such a long time, it was about an hour. Finally, we drove our bike to go to Balecafe Gombong. Btw, I was the only one girl driver in this group of 7 bikes. We took Somagede way; honestly I didn’t want to take this path, because it is to extreme for me.

After 30 minutes passed, we arrived at Balecafe Gombong, it was fast trip. I got there too early, so to decrease our boredom, we took a walk around the location and bought some snack. Then, about 11 am, we bought a ticket to join the event. There were so many cosplayers and I met new people then made friend with some of them.

In a break time, I changed and helped my friends for the makeup, we did it in Nindi’s house; she is one of my friends. Her house is near from Balecafe, so we walked to get her house. We spent much time there and forget about the cosplay parade time, so we missed it. When we came back, the cosplay parade was over and there were some guest stars talking about their experience in cosplay.


I’m the one who wears red wig, we were headed back to balecafe after changing in Nindi’s house; the one who wears blue wig

When the guest stars were on the stage, my eyes suddenly found something interesting, THERE YOU ARE! Yes, my idol was there, he was cosplaying a character that I didn’t ever know it. Ah when I arrived, automatically I had changed become one of the character in animeAkatsuki no Yona”, it was Yona, but some cosplayers there thought that I was cosplaying on of COC game’s character. I brought my weapon, which were arrows without a bow, but that was not a problem at all, no one noticed it actually.

I did some photo session there, but sorry, it is disappointing. But I have lots of pictures with another cosplayers and some people from several communities. And the important one was, I took pictures with all guest stars, and the one I love as my idol. I was very happy; I never thought that I could do that.


with the guest star


with the guest star


with the guest star


with the guest star


with some new friends ^^

Before maghrib, I change my costume with the normal one. Then we headed back to Purwokerto at 7.30 pm. In the way, one of my friends was slipped in a railway, but she was okay. Finally, I got home at 8.30 pm, it was longer than the departure time. I can’t feel my body, I was too tired and too hungry, so I ate as a person who had never eaten for a long time, after that I went to bed and sleep.

So many ways to make friends with people, like me, I made new friends from sharing the same hobby and likeness. I got there, because I met with new people, even I went there with people who i didn’t know yet, I still could enjoy the trip. So whoever the person who gets the trip with me, as long as I can enjoy, it is not a matter at all.

Wanna go with me? XD




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