Anohana Movie Review

In this opportunity I’ll review a movie that is Anohana: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai|The Flower We Saw That Day live action. This movie is adaption from the same name anime series “Anohana: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai” that aired from April-June, 2011 on Fuji TV. This film is directed by Masaki Nishiura and the story is written by Yoshihiro Izumi. This movie released on 21th September 2015.

I thought that it is the best live action or the best anime adaptation I ever watched. The story of this movie is about a group of childhood friend named Super Peace Busters, it consists of six sixth-grade-aged they are Jintan (Jinta Yadomi), Menma (Meiko Honma), Anaru (Naruko Anjō), Yukiatsu ( Atsumu Matsuyuki), Tsuruko (Chiriko Tsurumi), and Poppo (Tetsudō Hisakawa). Someday, in summer day, Menma died, when she was looking for Jintan who run and hid after answering Anaru’s question about his feeling about Menma. Few years later, on summer day, suddenly when Jintan is playing a video game in his house, there is a wind blows come inside, and he hears a familiar voice, but he feels unsure, that’s impossible, because Menma died on summer when they were in sixth-grade. Menma comes with the same white dress when she died, but Menma seems taller. However, the Super Peace Busters has scattered, everyone has their own life.

The reason which makes Menma comes back is she wants to grant Jintan’s mother wish, she had promised her that she could make Jintan express his feeling freely. But at the beginning no one really knows which wish that Menma want to be granted, and Menma too. Not all the members of Super Peace Busters can see Menma, Only Jintan who can see and touch her even Menma is a spirit. So, to grant Menma’s wish, they make a firework for Menma, but after the ritual has been done, she is still there. Then, Menma remember to Jintan’s mother and suddenly she remembers everything. in the other hand, Jintan and the others talking about Menma, Jintan said that Menma wanted to talk to all member of Super Peace Busters. Finally, it can be realized, Menma write some letter for each member of Super Peace Busters, it is so full of emotional. Then, Menma slowly disappear, and they play hide and seek game, and in the last all of them can see Menma, and shout “Menma, I found You!”, and Menma totally disappear forever.

I really love this movie the accuracy of the actor and actress with the character in the anime. Below, there are names of the actors and actress who starring this movie.

Don’t forget before you watch this movie, you have to prepare some tissues. I really recommend this movie, all of my friends or someone who I told them about this movie, after they watching it, their eyes are puffy, because they are crying too much. LOL

I give 9.5 point from 10 for this movie. It is great and you will never regret for watching it.

See ya on my next post! ^^


2 thoughts on “Anohana Movie Review

  1. mikoto0208 says:

    oh wow, they really do seem like the characters huh. especially Poppo… might have to watch this; just finished the anime last night 🙂


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