Benti Nurmawah (Biography)


Benti Nurmawah, she was born on january 05, 1987 in Banyumas. Now she lives in Sokaraja, Banyumas Regency. She has one daughter named Allysa Bilqist Desouza(4 years old). She established a restaurant in Tambak Sogra, Sumbang. She was graduated from SMK Negeri 3 Prwokerto, Food Department. She took pastry specialist in her vocational high school. But, after she graduated from the school, she decided to go abroad in 2003 .

She forced to go abroad, firstly her parents didn’t agree to let her go, moreover she told her parent her decision was too late. In the ‘H’ day her departure to go Malaysia, she had just told her parents, so the parents couldn’t do anything but let her go.Finally, Mrs. Benti go to Malaysia for two years long. She worked in a fashion industry, actually, it was not suitable to her.

Then, in 2005 she came back to Indonesia, someday she heard something in a radio about a course that can hep the student to work abroad in cruise, she interested to it, then she asked to her parents about studying there. And then, she studied there for a year, and she got the job training in international Hotel such as Hyatt Yogyakarta as the cook. After graduated, she worked in Four Season Hotel in 2007 in the same position in the kitchen. After that she moved to Wild Cat Restaurant, this restaurant belongs to Julia Perez.

She had so many experience in working in international hotels, so then she decided to reach her dreams to travel around the world. So she apply for a job in a big cruise company Carnival Cruise Line in US. To get this job was not easy, she had to pass some tests, fortunately she could pass and then she go to US.

She had been in many countries in America such as Mexico, Los Angles, Washington D.C, Texas, Hawaii, and many others. She worked in the cruise line for 3 years, and in the second year, she ever had a award. the award was to appreciate her work in serving 30 banana splits in a minutes, amazing. Then in the same month, she became the candidate of the best employee. At that time, all the candidates were from Indonesia, they were 2 candidates, Mrs. Benti and another worker come from Bali.

She told me how she could reach it, the principle is only we have to focus on our dreams, when you focus in one goal, so you will do your best to reach it, and don’t give up easily, and believe that you can reach your dreams.



Banyumas Unique Roleplay “BEGALAN”

Have you ever heard about Begalan?? This time,I will report this culture attraction called Begalan in my sister’s wedding 5 years ago(September 3rd 2011). When the people heard about Begalan, people in Banyumas will come to watch the attraction, besides the people also give some role in this activity. Begalan only be done in a Banyumas wedding ceremony, so you will not find any in another area. This attraction held to remind Banyumas People to the history of Banyumas people and the main goal is to give advises to new married couple.

Why did we hold Begalan in my sister’s wedding ceremony? The answer is simple, because the terms, it says that when the first son or daughter marry with another first son or daughter we have to held Begalan, the second terms is the last son or daughter marry with another last.

Begalan consists of two role players, one of them is the representative of the groom, and the last one is from the bride’s representative. I’ll show you the pictures of the representatives from each families, and I wrote the caption on the pictures. i really sorry, because the pictures are not clear enough, I capture it from my video, because I forgot where did I put the pictures.(hehe)


His name is Mr. Salim, he is the representative of the bride


His name is Mr. Nurrochim, he is the representative of the groom

This attraction spent for about 40 minutes, but don’t worry, it didn’t make you bored. One of the player(the representative from the man) brings some things that we call uborampe. All the things that he brings have meaning for advising the new married couple. Of course, there were some conversations between the representatives. After the representative from the man finishes explaining, then come to the next ritual, they will pray for the sake of the new married couple, after that they go out and the representative from the man brings the uborampe and both of the representatives dance the traditional dance and finished it by pulling to each other and let the uborampe seized by the local people who watch the attraction. This is the end of Begalan.

Thank you very much for reading this article, hope you will interest to this culture and visit my city Banyumas. Please leave comments and suggestions ^^

One in a Harmony

20160522_142157Purwokerto, Sunday, May 22, 2016

There was a meeting of two organizations; they were E-ploration and Huasan at 1 pm at c105 in Humanities Faculty. Those two organizations are in Humanities Faculty Jenderal Soedirman University Purwokerto. To welcome new students of English diploma program and mandarin, they agreed to make one event together and in that event there will be no E-ploration and Huasan, but all in one unity become the event committee. This meeting was attended by almost all of the members of both organizations.

Before they met in that meeting, those groups had discussed the candidate who will become the chief on that event. Without wasting the time, the started to vote between the two candidates, they were Wiwit Winarsih from E-Ploration, and Caesar Amalia Rahmah from Huasan. Before the discussion members started the voting, those two candidates went out from the room. The discussion members was so enthusiastic and the air was so cheerful.


It didn’t take a long time, only in 2 minutes, without any protest from the discussion members, the forum decided Wiwit Winarsih to become the chief of the committee for the event. After deciding the chief, then the Chief and the vice chose 4 people to become the secretary and the treasurer. After that the chief closed the meeting and had a small meeting with her division.

Book Review “The Story of King Arthur and His Knights


Title            : The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Author       : Tania Zamorsky

Illustrator  : Dan Andreasen

Publisher   : Sterling Publishing Co., Inc.

Year            :2006

Total Page : 151 pages

The story of King Arthur and His Knights retold from the Howard Pyle original written by Tania Zamorsky tells the story about the greatest king in Britain King Arthur. In this book there are two stories, the first one is retold the story in The Book of King Arthur, and the second is The Book of Three Worthies. In The Book of King Arthur, there are three parts. In part one, there are 2 chapters same as in chapter two, and the last part has three chapters. As the name,The Book of Three Worthies has three part which describes one by one the three worthies. In part one there are two chapters, then in part two there are three chapters and the last chapter has two chapters. The interesting one in this book is, this book has discussion page, it is my first time found this in a book especially for classic book.

In the beginning of The Book of King Arthur there is a prologue that tells us about the story before King Arthur was born, it tells the story of Uther Pendragon who is Arthur’s father. Someday, Merlin the Wise told the King that he will die soon, and a big problem will come to his kingdom, to prevent the chaos, Merlin give advice to the King Pendragon to hide his son because Merlin afraid Arthur will be in great danger . then Merlin and Ulfius take the baby to the safe place, and ask the person who will rise the baby to give the baby name Arthur.

As Merlin said, the King died and there was a confusion in the kingdom, it last for 18 years. Then the archbishop called Merlin to ask about the kingdom’s future. Then Merlin answered someone will come the new king shall be Uther-Pendragon’s own flesh and blood that wiser and greater than the earlier King(Uther-Pendragon). Then Merlin waved his hand and then appeared huge marble stone, and in the second wave appeared an anvil of solid steel upon the block of marble. The sword was bright and shiny and has many precious stones, in the sword were carved following words in letters of gold: WHOEVER SHALL PULL THIS SWORD OUT FROM THE ANVIL SHALL BE THE KING OF BRITAIN.

Afterwards, in the part one the story how Arthur finally could win the kingdom, how he proved himself that he could pull the sword out from the anvil. No one thought that an ordinary looked young man could pull it out. In the second chapter some people still hesitated Arthur, then they gave him some challenge, of course Arthur could pass from the challenge, and Arthur officially became The Britain’s king.


Next part, the winning of a sword, it is the story when Arthur got the Excalibur. he was fearless, so that the goddess who protect the sword gave him way to reach the Excalibur in the center of the lake. Actually, no one can come back alive if passing the lake, but it was different to Arthur, he could reach the sword by the boat that given by Nymue. The Excalibur could protect the user in a war, if someone uses this sword the person will never injured in a war. The Excalibur not only a sword but also it has case, it case which could protect the sword user.

The last part from The Book of King Arthur tells the love story of Arthur. Arthur fell in love with Lady Guinevere. But, I think the way he proposed Lady Guinevere was not romantic, hahaha. It is just too ordinary for someone like Arthur, or it is because the writer just retold the main story of the story from the book, so i can’t feel the drama. King Arthur and The Lady Guinevere merried on a beautiful fall day in a ceremony of great splendor.

Go to the next story in The Book of Three Worthies, the worthies of King Arthur. They were very excellent, they are Merlin the Wise, Sir Pelias and Sir Gawaine. In part one it tells the story of Merlin. Poor Merlin he was tricked by Morgana le Fay (Arthur’s sister) by sending Vivien. One day, Vivien brought Merlin a delicious meal which has powerful sleeping potion, he believed her, but he was tricked! Actually, Merlin had feeling that Arthur will face big danger, and he wanted her to save Arthur, but she never did. When Merlin fell a sleep, she placed him into a large heavy box and partially buried it and covered it with a magical mist. In this story, Arthur’s Excalibur was stolen by Morgana le Fay, and she duplicated it, and gave Arthur the fake one. When he fight with Sir Accalon, he finally realized that his Excalibur was the fake one, and he got injured and bleeding, fortunately, Arthur could take his Excalibur back, and he won the fight.


The next part tells the story of Sir Pellias, but honestly, I couldn’t get the story of him, I didn’t find clue about who Sir Pellias was. The story is about the Sir Pellias’ adventure and how he won the prize from the chief Lady of the Lake and he was given a neck that whoever wore it would be beloved by everyone who looked upon him.

Then the last is the story of Sir Gawaine, it tells about Sir Gwaine who married with old and ugly woman who met with Arthur when he was challenged by an old knight. The old woman told Arthur the truth about the old knight, why he always won the challenge and his head came back after falling, Arthur so thankful to the old woman, so that he accepted her willing that was she wanted to get married with on of the knight in Arthur’s court, then she chose Sir Gwaine. Sir Gwaine accepted and married her as he promised, when the night came, the old woman changed into very beautiful woman, she became looked old and awful because someone spelt magical spell, now she behalf free because Sir Gwaine’s married her.

That’s all the story from the book, i think the writer of the book retold the story too short, so that some characters in the story were not described well so, it makes the reader confuse and get bored to continue the story. I really love the love story of Arthur with The Lady Guinevere and the story of Sir Gwaine. So I rate this book 8 from 10 points, I think it is good enough because the book has discussion page, and it is uniqe enough.

Thankyou for reading my book review, please leave a comment to improve my writing skill

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Saiko Onna (aka. Psycho Girl)

This day Arina, Joshua, Angie, Cecil, Alf and Rye went for camping in a desolate mountain in district 4. For the truth, they didn’t know anything about the mountain and its story.

At 3 am they arrived there, and soon they built up the tent. They shared the task for everyone, Joshua and Rye for the tent, Angie, Cecil and Arina prepared the food. The mountain was so quite, they could hear the river and the bird songs. Only trees around them and the weather were good with the refreshing wind. Arina was collecting trees branch for cooking later and Cecil helped her too. They entered the forest and collected it. Then, Arina found and old rope, without thinking she took it and used it to tie the trees branch. When they almost reach the camping area, Arina felt like someone was watching her, for a second she felt a little bit afraid.

At dawn, they went to the river and have a bath there. They enjoyed the atmosphere very much. The river was so clear and it had beautiful waterfall. They took some pictures here. and again Arina felt there is somebody watching them, she observed the surrounding area, but she didn’t find anything.

“What are you looking for Arina?”, Anggie suddenly asked.

“Eh? Ah nope, I just love the scenery here”, she replied.

“Hmmm you look suspicious Arina”, Rye said.

“No, really, it was nothing”, she replied.

“What with this atmosphere guys, let’s have fun and enjoy the water”, Joshua said.

Suddenly, Arina heard someone crying, but no one realized, so she just kept it herself. She thought that it was her imagination. Then everyone came back to the tent and made a campfire.

“Let’s make a dinner girls”, Cecil said, Arina and Glory agree. After 30 minutes, the dinner was ready to be eaten. They sat around the campfire; Arina and Joshua sat closely, of course because they were a couple, on the other side there are Glory Cecil and Rye.

When they were enjoying the dinner, Arina heard the mysterious voice from afar. For a second it frightened her, she tried to ignore it, but the voice came closer, closer, and closer. Joshua noticed there was something weird with her lovey-dovey. But it seemed like Arina was drowning on her fright. When Joshua almost touched Arina, she screamed out loud, everybody startled. Arina covered her ears with her hands, Joshua hugged her, and everybody came closer to Arina.

“Arina, what happened?!”, they said. Arina couldn’t hear their voice, she only heard a girl say “I’ll kill you” many times, the voice seemed real and when she tried to wake from her fright, when she opened her eyes, she saw a body hanging on the tree!

“OMG! A body! I saw a body hanging over there! Josh let’s go home, please everyone let’s go home now!”, Arina said.

“What? Hahaha are you kidding me? it’s too late arin, I think you’ve got fever and u hallucinated, why don’t you sleep and we’ll back tomorrow morning” rye said.

“No! I can’t wait for tomorrow”, she replied

“Arin, common, don’t be selfish, and tell us what happened to you, why are u so panic?”, josh wanted a clarify.

“Why did u say such a thing like that josh, I scare, there is something here, I heard voices, it said that they will kill me, not once but many times, I feel frightened.”

“Okay everybody, I think it would be best if we sleep right now. Cecil said

“We will sleep in one tent, I think it is enough for us”, Joshua said.

“I can’t agree more josh”, Rye replied.


“I remember something guys”, Angie said, then she continued, “Previously, before we entered this camping site, I saw some villagers, and they face was so frightened, and I also heard one of them said ‘God save them, don’t let her…’ I forget the rest, and I’m sorry for not telling you this.”

“So did they mean that this camping site is haunted? It must be kidding, ghost or whatever is just an imagination guys”, Rye said.

“Okay everybody please stop talking, Arina needs resting”, Cecil said angrily, and then they went to the tent.

Suddenly there was a wind but it was strange, and they found that Angie disappeared from the sight! They were panic; they went out from the tent and they called her name, but no answer.

“Angie please stops joking! Where are you! Or I’ll get angry!!” Rye said and his voice was trembling.

They decided to look for Angie in surrounding area. They divided into two groups, Rye and Cecil, Joshua and Arina. After looking for Angie in an hour, they found nothing, so they decided to come back. But they were shocked by a death body in front of the tent. The body was full of blood, and the head was almost separated, and there was an old rope on her neck. The rope was seems familiar for Arina, then she cried, all of them cried and shouted Angie’s name. Her sudden death was a great shocked for them.

A voice came out of nowhere, it was so noisy, like something fall down from height, it sounds “bruk!”. And they automatically turned back and Arina Screamed loudly. She was very shocked that it was Cecil, her body shattered like something had lacerated her body, her brain came out from her head, and the bones are broken, so awful.

“Why didn’t you agree to leave this forest? Look! Our friends died in a second, if we went out from this forest they would not die!” Arina said, no one replied.

All of a sudden, Arina pushed Rye into a campfire, Joshua didn’t notice, but he immediately tried to help Rye from the fire, but he couldn’t, in a sudden the fire became bigger. As the result, Rye died and his body changed into ashes.

Joshua stupefied, he sat and he looked pale. Arina hugged him and cried on his back. Both of them were drowning on their mind. Joshua looked thinking about something. He reassembled all the things happened on that day. Then he felt frightened and stared at his beloved Arina. Arina smiled to Joshua, then said, “It’s too late dear” she kissed her boyfriend like nothing had happened. It makes Joshua sure that Arina was the one who killed Angie, Cecil and Rye.

While Joshua was thinking about what he would do, Arina hugged him tight and he didn’t aware that Arina was trying to kill him. She stabbed Joshua with a knife on his back, and did it many times, Joshua lost much blood, in that condition, Joshua was trying to hug Arina and calmed her down, and he whispered “I Love You”. Arina replied,”I Love You Too Darling, don’t worry, we’ll be together forever, you’re mine, and I’m yours”, then she kissed him and she showed him, her satisfied smile.

written by: Rizky Putri Sari (19/04/2016)

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I Found YOU There!


I had been waiting for this for such a long time ago! After skipping for so many events in past month, we (me and Beben;my friend) finally decided to go, and yeah we did it.

A day before, I was really busy with the haunted house which my organization made as the series of E-Ploration’s 5th anniversary. Because of that, I got home very late, it was 11.30 pm. I was afraid that I could make on time for the trip. On the ‘H’ day; 3 April 2016, fortunately I woke up early yeah. My friend Beben, picked me up at 7.30 am, then we waited for another friend in Kalibagor, we waited for such a long time, it was about an hour. Finally, we drove our bike to go to Balecafe Gombong. Btw, I was the only one girl driver in this group of 7 bikes. We took Somagede way; honestly I didn’t want to take this path, because it is to extreme for me.

After 30 minutes passed, we arrived at Balecafe Gombong, it was fast trip. I got there too early, so to decrease our boredom, we took a walk around the location and bought some snack. Then, about 11 am, we bought a ticket to join the event. There were so many cosplayers and I met new people then made friend with some of them.

In a break time, I changed and helped my friends for the makeup, we did it in Nindi’s house; she is one of my friends. Her house is near from Balecafe, so we walked to get her house. We spent much time there and forget about the cosplay parade time, so we missed it. When we came back, the cosplay parade was over and there were some guest stars talking about their experience in cosplay.


I’m the one who wears red wig, we were headed back to balecafe after changing in Nindi’s house; the one who wears blue wig

When the guest stars were on the stage, my eyes suddenly found something interesting, THERE YOU ARE! Yes, my idol was there, he was cosplaying a character that I didn’t ever know it. Ah when I arrived, automatically I had changed become one of the character in animeAkatsuki no Yona”, it was Yona, but some cosplayers there thought that I was cosplaying on of COC game’s character. I brought my weapon, which were arrows without a bow, but that was not a problem at all, no one noticed it actually.

I did some photo session there, but sorry, it is disappointing. But I have lots of pictures with another cosplayers and some people from several communities. And the important one was, I took pictures with all guest stars, and the one I love as my idol. I was very happy; I never thought that I could do that.


with the guest star


with the guest star


with the guest star


with the guest star


with some new friends ^^

Before maghrib, I change my costume with the normal one. Then we headed back to Purwokerto at 7.30 pm. In the way, one of my friends was slipped in a railway, but she was okay. Finally, I got home at 8.30 pm, it was longer than the departure time. I can’t feel my body, I was too tired and too hungry, so I ate as a person who had never eaten for a long time, after that I went to bed and sleep.

So many ways to make friends with people, like me, I made new friends from sharing the same hobby and likeness. I got there, because I met with new people, even I went there with people who i didn’t know yet, I still could enjoy the trip. So whoever the person who gets the trip with me, as long as I can enjoy, it is not a matter at all.

Wanna go with me? XD



Anohana Movie Review

In this opportunity I’ll review a movie that is Anohana: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai|The Flower We Saw That Day live action. This movie is adaption from the same name anime series “Anohana: Ano hi mita hana no namae o bokutachi wa mada shiranai” that aired from April-June, 2011 on Fuji TV. This film is directed by Masaki Nishiura and the story is written by Yoshihiro Izumi. This movie released on 21th September 2015.

I thought that it is the best live action or the best anime adaptation I ever watched. The story of this movie is about a group of childhood friend named Super Peace Busters, it consists of six sixth-grade-aged they are Jintan (Jinta Yadomi), Menma (Meiko Honma), Anaru (Naruko Anjō), Yukiatsu ( Atsumu Matsuyuki), Tsuruko (Chiriko Tsurumi), and Poppo (Tetsudō Hisakawa). Someday, in summer day, Menma died, when she was looking for Jintan who run and hid after answering Anaru’s question about his feeling about Menma. Few years later, on summer day, suddenly when Jintan is playing a video game in his house, there is a wind blows come inside, and he hears a familiar voice, but he feels unsure, that’s impossible, because Menma died on summer when they were in sixth-grade. Menma comes with the same white dress when she died, but Menma seems taller. However, the Super Peace Busters has scattered, everyone has their own life.

The reason which makes Menma comes back is she wants to grant Jintan’s mother wish, she had promised her that she could make Jintan express his feeling freely. But at the beginning no one really knows which wish that Menma want to be granted, and Menma too. Not all the members of Super Peace Busters can see Menma, Only Jintan who can see and touch her even Menma is a spirit. So, to grant Menma’s wish, they make a firework for Menma, but after the ritual has been done, she is still there. Then, Menma remember to Jintan’s mother and suddenly she remembers everything. in the other hand, Jintan and the others talking about Menma, Jintan said that Menma wanted to talk to all member of Super Peace Busters. Finally, it can be realized, Menma write some letter for each member of Super Peace Busters, it is so full of emotional. Then, Menma slowly disappear, and they play hide and seek game, and in the last all of them can see Menma, and shout “Menma, I found You!”, and Menma totally disappear forever.

I really love this movie the accuracy of the actor and actress with the character in the anime. Below, there are names of the actors and actress who starring this movie.

Don’t forget before you watch this movie, you have to prepare some tissues. I really recommend this movie, all of my friends or someone who I told them about this movie, after they watching it, their eyes are puffy, because they are crying too much. LOL

I give 9.5 point from 10 for this movie. It is great and you will never regret for watching it.

See ya on my next post! ^^


Im naive, I know
I dont like seeing people fighting
it’s better to give in
Im not running
it’s just tiring
it’s tiring to debating
doest it really EXIST??
Im not sure
can I find it?
where it is?
tired of being nice
I want to disappear
I feel empty inside
I need someone
WHO never lets me go



Hello dear readers, XD

Btw, this is my first post in this blog, and I’m a new blogger. I dedicated this blog for “Creative Writing” as one of subject I take in this semester. I will write many thing here such as poems, short stories, news, movie review and many others. This blog will be updated every week based on the task from our beloved lecturer Mrs. Septi Mariasari^^. Maybe, someday I will post some my recent “cosplay” activity too in this blog. Ah, maybe some of you don’t know about cosplay, cosplay is imitating a character from animes, cartoons, games and many other, I will enclose the photo to make you understand it.XD

I hope this blog could give another people inspirations. And for the readers, please give me some critics and suggestions for me to improve my writing skill in the comment space. Thank you very much for reading my preface. Then, see ya! XD